Adept Sofa Stain Removal Techniques with Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide services

Adept Sofa Stain Removal Techniques with Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide services

Quick Dry Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide services is one of the leading upholstery cleaning services in Adelaide and its environs. Established in 2003, we have an enviable track record of the excellent cleaning services that we provide to our customers in Adelaide and its suburbs.

Most of our clients are happy that we will do a thorough, cleaning job when invited. Some of our unique strengths include the following:-

  • Certified and trained cleaners holding qualifications of the IICRC certification.
  • Use of sustainable, eco-friendly cleaning agents and solutions
  • Cleaning processes that use the latest cleaning technologies and methods.

Your couches and sofas are your valuable asset. You use them to entertain your friends during the weekend. You may also have a curious toddler who leaves stains and messes on your sofas. All these accidental stains and spills make your living room furniture look ugly. Instead of being a welcoming place, it portrays an unclean and hideous look. You also risk some of these stains becoming permanent on your furniture.

Prompt and regular cleaning of spoils and spills as they occur can restrict most of the upholstery damage. Still, DIY cleaning is not 100% effective in thoroughly removing the ugly blemishes from your upholstery fabric, Professional cleaning services like Quick Dry Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide services with their Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide services use trained cleaning professionals who are experts in stain removal.

Different Types of Commonly occurring stains

These stains include:

  • Blood stains
  • Wine stains
  • Coffee or tea stains
  • Oil or grease stains
  • Ink stains

Preventive measures to adopt while removing the stains

  • Inspect the upholstery material and understand the manufacturer’s care labels. Different materials like fabric, leather or suede require different stain-cleaning techniques.
  • Clean a small area of the stain before applying the cleaning agent generously to the whole stain
  • Always rub in small, circular motions to avoid tearing the upholstery material. If you rub up and down, you run the risk of ripping the textile

Some fabric upholstery methods to clean different types of stains

1. Removing blood stains:

Bloody stains have a hideous, encrusted look. You need simple materials like dishwashing soap, and water in a solution along with a microfibre cloth. Apply the foam to the stained area gently to area. Use a microfibre cloth to dab gently at the stain. Keep repeating this exercise until you have blotted out the blood completely. This method can only be used for upholstery fabrics with the W and WS tags. Other fabrics labelled S or X need the use of solvents or just vacuuming. Make sure that the area is totally dry before reusing the sofa. This is essential to prevent mould infestations.

Generally for fabric tags labelled S and X, it is preferable that you call professional cleaners like Couch Cleaning Adelaide to do your cleaning. You will also restrict any potential for fabric damage by this process. Quick Dry Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide Services’ expert cleaners are proficient at such stain removal.

2. Removing wine and tea stains 

These are some of the most common stains found in our households. An effective solution is to mix hydrogen peroxide, liquid soap and water. The procedure for removing the stain is the same as above. Apply the mixture to the stained area. Let it soak thoroughly into the fabric. Gently press the stain to remove the discoloured marks. Rubbing only causes the stain to spread to a wide area.

After this clean thoroughly with a clean towel to remove all the remnants of the cleaning solution. Using a white towel will show you how much of the stain you have removed. You can also conveniently schedule an appointment with Couch Cleaning Adelaide services for the complete removal of your stains. Call us at 0480090884 to schedule an appointment at the earliest.

3. Removing stains using vodka or vinegar

Your couch may have oil or grease stains or be made of fabrics like suede or microfibre. If the fabric tag is a W, you can safely use a combination of these two products with water to effectively remove such stains. Normally, you should use them in a 1:1 proportion to make the cleaning solution. Apply the stains overnight and let your upholstery fabric soak overnight. Next morning it is better to gently clean away the cleaning agents mixed with the contaminants. Wipe gently with a soft cloth to dry the upholstery fabric.


You must attend promptly to the stains and soiled furniture upholstery as they may affect the durability and cleanliness of your furniture. For other methods of stain removal like steam cleaning and dry cleaning, schedule an appointment with Sofa Cleaning Adelaide to promptly attend to your stains.

Quick Dry Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide is at your service 24X7, round-the-clock, 365 days a year. If you want a same-day or an emergency appointment, schedule an appointment at the earliest. Our expert cleaners are waiting to attend to your cleaning requirements. You can reach us at 0480090884

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