Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended that your get furniture cleaned at least twice in a year by expert cleaning companies.
Some household cleaners are suitable spot and stain removal. White vinegar, rubbing alcohol, cream of tartar paste etc. should be used judiciously used for cleaning stains according to the type of the stain. It is always better to use professional cleaning services in case of stubborn and difficult-to-remove stains.
While professional upholstery cleaning can be highly effective in removing many types of stains, there is no guarantee that it will be able to remove every stain. The success of stain removal depends on several factors, including the type and age of the stain, the type of fabric or material, and the cleaning methods and solutions used by the cleaner. However, professional cleaners have the expertise and equipment to handle even the most stubborn stains and can often achieve excellent results.
The cleaning methods and solutions used for fabric and leather upholstery are different because the materials have different properties and require different care. Fabric upholstery cleaning typically involves pre-treating stains, applying a cleaning solution, and then using hot water extraction to remove dirt and contaminants. Leather upholstery cleaning typically involves using a gentle cleaner to remove dirt and stains, followed by the application of a conditioner to protect the leather and maintain its natural oils. Professional cleaners have the knowledge and experience to determine the best cleaning methods for each type of upholstery.
Yes, vacuuming your furnishings before expert cleaning is suggested to eliminate loose grime, dust, and debris. This allows the cleaner to concentrate on deeper cleansing and stain elimination rather than eliminating surface grime. Vacuuming also serves to loosen and lift the fibers of the furniture, which allows the cleaning solution to infiltrate and eliminate grime and stains more effectively.
The drying time for furniture after expert cleaning depends on a number of variables, including the type of cloth, the humidity and temperature of the surroundings, and the cleaning technique used. Upholstery can dry fully in 2 to 6 hours on average, though some materials may take longer. To speed up the drying process, your cleaner may use specialized tools or methods, such as fans or air movers, or apply heat to the upholstery
You may do regular DIY cleaning of your household and furniture. Regular vacuuming and dusting only gets rid of the surface dust and debris. Over time, our furniture upholstery accumulates hidden dust, allergens and contaminants with your regular use. Professional cleaning roots out all the dust, pollutants and germs from not only the surface but also from all the hidden depths of your upholstered furniture. You also get rid of unpleasant and musty odours.
If you have pets in your home, they will leave messes on your furniture upholstery. Professional cleaning by our expert cleaners helps to completely remove the unsightly stains and smelly odours. If you have pet accidents at home, call in your local professional cleaner immediately.
It helps you to remove unwanted items from the cleaning area. You could also keep your pets tied up so that they do not come to the cleaning area. Normally most professional technicians help you in moving the heavy furniture and rolling up the carpets to facilitate the couch cleaning process.
Normally the chemicals, cleaning agents and conditioners used may leave a faint smell, but, this will normally dissipate after an hour depending on your indoor air circulation, heat and humidity in your living space.
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